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Making a ‘viral video’

or making a video viral. What are the odds?

Ever heard about clueless brands approaching their creative agencies and asking them to make a ‘viral video’. Yes, it might sound unreal but it’s true. Virality is the goal of most brands today, yet only a few achieve it by using true and organic content.

But sometimes, the pressure of competitors releasing videos that go viral take such a toll on brands that they just want to trend, somehow. And this desperation to win the race, forces some to compromise their thinking, and go down to believing in phrases like “any publicity is good publicity”. The repercussions could either hit a bull’s eye or blow out into unproportionate volumes.

The internet is unpredictable. There’s no telling what will go big. It is known for being a propeller of reach. But at the same time, if a brand does not stay cautious of what it tries to feed its consumers, the internet can turn into a scary nightmare. Especially, the one with no escape buttons.

Most videos that are made just with the intent to spread like wildfire, often suffer from poor quality of content and reek of hasty decision-making.

So, what are the ingredients to make a ‘viral video’?

The answer is nothing. There are no said ingredients for viral marketing, or else every brand would have used the technique and milked the benefits.

But understanding the nuances of info-tainingvideos that have gone viral can help brands plan better strategic content. Hence, the process of making viral videos is just making the best video.

The point to remember is that virality thrives on information and entertainment.

Viral videos have a sense of shareability. A controversial or cringey visual content that spreads in no time, often dies a sudden death. Whereas,a video going viral with good content always triggers positive emotionsand stays in the minds of its viewers for a longer time.

So why not create content that evoke positive and heart-warming emotions?

A brand’s likeability among its audience is directly proportional to its content being shared. Therefore, it is important for brands to ensure that their video marketing is made with interesting and high qualityinformation.

It still is impossible to predict the virality of a video content, but measures can always be adopted to increase the chances. Anyhow, virality should never be the strategy or end goalof any brand. The most important thing to consider is to provide value to the end consumer with aspiration and efficiency.

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