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Artificial Intelligence

and the Future of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been reigning the marketing strategies of the brands forseveral years now. With an increasing number of brands investing in influencer campaigns, the dynamics of influencer marketing have been witnessing a constant evolution. Each day, brands are actively spending on this strategic medium of marketing to establish a higher recall value in the customer’s mind. Owing to the increasing investment in influencer marketing, it is expected that the global spends of influencer marketing industry will bearound $5-10 billion by the end of this year.

However, influencer marketing is not as simple as it may seem. It involves an organized approach right from selecting the influencer to delivering the content that can resonate with their followers.In this process of developing an influencer driven campaign,what comes to the rescue for most of the brands is Artificial Intelligence, a technology that is shaping up the future of influencer marketing.Today, brands are shortlisting creative influencers based on qualitative criteria, including brand affinity, quality of content, and how fruitfully can the influencer portray brand values.The commonly used term – AI is now redefining the future of influencer marketing by combining quantitative and qualitative metrics in a meaningful way.

The question that arises here is that how is AI taking influencer marketing to the next level?The answer is simple, AI is helping the brands to make their influencer campaigns more effective by streamlining problem-solving, data analysis, planning and researching processes of influencer marketing, which will eventually leave the marketers with more time in hands to boost efficiency of their marketing strategies and achieve desired results.

Identifying the Relevant Influencers

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is to find the right influencers who can stand true to their brand values. One cannot assess an influencer’s performance solely on the basis of their follower count. Other factors including engagement levels on a post are equally important while choosing influencers.

This is where AI comes into the picture and help you simplify the process. AI powered tools enable you to connect with the top influencers in your niche in a fraction of time.

Evaluating the Performance

AI can help marketers to evaluate individual posts made by an influencer and collate the data to understand how well does a particular influencer work with the brand.Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), one can estimate the influencer’s performance based on the brand’s campaign objectives including engagements and sales conversions the influencer can drive.

AI-powered influencer marketing platform can also analyze the potential of an influencer based on his/her monthly or annual performance data. This leaves marketers with an opportunity to gain better insights regarding the increase or decrease in an influencer’s influence among their audience.

Determining Influencer’s Incentives

Determining an influencer’s fees is quite ambiguous. Reach and engagement are not the only factors that justify an influencer’s fees.

By using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)influencer marketing systems powered by artificial intelligence can draw historical data from various influencers and predict the effective level of incentives that would work best to encourage an influencer to post. Even more, they can automatically offer that incentive at the time when the influencer is most likely to post.

This AI-system takes into account the follower count, engagement levels and other metrics to calculate the optimized incentives for all types of influencers ranging from nano-influencers to celebrities with huge follower base.

Identifying and Delivering Relevant Content

The audience is bombarded with a plethora of content on a daily basis. As per a study, 95 million pictures are posted on Instagram everyday. To avoid getting lost in the sea of information, it is quintessential for the brands to grab the attention of their potential customers by identifying the most relevant and meaningful content.

AI integrated systems ensure that the brands deliver relevant content to the right audience while cutting through the noise of thousands of other content pieces. AI influencer marketing platforms use ANN to analyze multiple images and video attributes and NLP to analyze comment sentiments to see which posts are being received well.

The system also enables to deliver tailored content at precisely the right time when the audience are looking for them along with providing insights on whether the posted image is appropriate or if any similar image would garner more engagement.

Determining the ROI of the Campaign

AI influencer marketing enables you to gauge an influencer’s performance, track every piece of content that is generated from the campaign and evaluate various engagement metrics.

This further helps the marketers to calculate the actual ROI of the campaign and understand its impact on the revenue.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way brands perceive influencer marketing. The real advantage of AI influencer marketing lies in its meticulous speed and accuracy that helps in driving the campaign to an unmatched level.