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Marketing Automation helps in Digital Marketing

Gone are the days that required sending follow up emails to the audience or researching and identifying every business lead manually. Today’s fast-pacing and ever-evolving digital world relies heavily on marketing automation to meet their marketing needs without any manual involvement.Yes, you read that right! Marketing Automation ensures big things, more leads, high conversions and all this with less work. Marketing automation is the ideal and probably the only substitute of efficiently performing all the marketing tasks that were earlier done manually.

Clearly for marketing professionals, automation brings forth an exciting opportunity to demonstrate greater efficiency, reduce costs, and provide an enhanced customer experience. Though at the beginning, an automation journey may seem intimidating, but with the right advice and approach, it’s easier than it looks! Well, that leaves us with a question ‘What is Marketing Automation?’ It is nothing but a set of tools and techniques used to more effectively market on multiple online channels and to automate repetitive marketing tasks including email marketing, social media posting and ad campaigns with an aim to provide a personalized experience to the customers. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that instead of investing time on menial processes, you can automate them and save loads of time at hands. And in the process, you won’t be alone since more than 50% of companies use marketing automation and more than half of B2B companies are in the process of adopting it.

To summarize it, we can say that marketing automation platform provides three primary capabilities that includes:

  • Email marketing
  • Centralized marketing database
  • Website visitor tracking

Different platforms then differentiate themselves by delivering added tools to include social media, lead generation, analytics, and other add-ons to offer advanced functionality.

Regardless of your business’s marketing sophistication or size, marketing automation comes with numerous benefits for the business, some of which are as follows:

Better Lead Generation and Conversion

Generating and nurturing leads is an extremely important part of any business.And the businesses that use automation are twice as successful in lead generation as the businesses who do not use it. Marketing automation facilitates a smooth collaboration between marketing and sales team to work effectively by automating several tasks. This further helps them to understand the customer behaviour and ultimately to customize their approach to target the right audience.

Enhance personalization and marketing segmentation

It is a well-known fact that a personalized content is the key to nurture the leads. Creating personalized content based on the customer’s engagement and interests is one of the biggest advantages of marketing automation. Marketing segmentation then allows a marketer to send these targeted messages to the potential prospects, thereby leading to converting them into customers.

Gain Customer Confidence

Customer experience holds immense value in defining the success of any business. And marketing automation is the ideal way to gain customer confidence and provide a satisfying experience to them. By reaching out to the customers with new offers and deals; marketing automation vows to delight the customers and thus build brand loyalty.

Facilitate Multi-channel Targeting

With the availability of a wide variety of marketing channels, customers are often seen juggling between them before making a purchase. This is where marketing automation comes to the foreplay. Marketing automation tools can do the tracking and streamline the process to a great extent. Even more, one can use these tools totarget customers with a cross-marketing campaign through email, messages and social media to achieve maximised results.

Having gone through the above, we can confidently say that marketing automation is a great way to establish effective and meaningful communications with the customers by offering them personalized content and understanding their purchase journey.Greater efficiency, cost savings, improved productivity, more insightful analytic data, and better customer support are some of the irresistible benefits for marketing professionals.Furthermore, marketing automation also helps in handling almost every marketing responsibility from sending emails to executing complex campaigns, successfully in absolutely no time.

Therefore with a right approach, defined goals and optimized content; any business can implement and benefit from marketing automation to take their businesses to new heights.