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Artificial Intelligence Transforms Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, as we all know it, has been transforming the digital marketing space since quite sometime now. Clearly as we are progressing further, AI is rapidly becoming a necessity in day-to-day happenings, with marketing and advertising being no exception.Though, there was also a time when marketers were reluctant to use AI in their practices. But now, even big giants like Amazon are actively relying on artificial intelligence to meet their marketing needs.

AI in digital marketing comes with numerous benefits. It can optimize and speed up a lot of marketing tasks, improve customer experience and above all drive conversions. In short, AI in digital marketing, is now a reality, boasting an array of options and benefits.

Let’s have a look at how exactly is AI transforming the face of Digital Marketing.

Anticipating the Customer Behavior

The first benefit of AI in Digital Marketing is hands down, predicting the customer behavior. AI is all about data-driven decision making marketing and is used to integrate data from various platforms. These platforms accumulate all sorts of customer data to develop automated systems and customer profiles to tap the right market.

More the data is stored by these platforms, easier it becomes for the brands to understand customer preferences. Rather, not just for the brands but AI also offers convenience to the customers while making a purchase decision through a robot who is well-accustomed to customer records based on his previous searches.

Personalization helps in tapping the right audience

By now an infinite number of companies are using AI and machine learning for identifying the potential customer, engaging with them and thereby increasing the conversion rates. One of the biggest retail giants – Amazon too uses AI to show only the relevant products to the buyers, based on their previous searches or purchases which clearly increases the chances of a customer indulging in a purchase.For instance, instead of asking your friends about the next book you should read, Amazon gives better suggestions based on your own preferences.

Therefore, as AI gets better at predicting consumer needs, personalized marketing too takes a leap to use new technologies to understand the customer better.

Real-Time Customer Support

In today’s digital world, AI-enabled chatbots have made it possible for the brands to save hours of waiting time of the customers. Today, chatbots provide an experience to the users of interacting with a real human and that too in real-time. AI when integrated with Chatbots, provides an opportunity to brands to stay connected with their customers all the time. AI powered chatbots can learn about users through regular interactions and provide better customer experiences in a very personalized way.

One of the finest examples of using AI powered chatbots to provide better and personalized customer experience is that of Axis Bank. Using the power of AI and machine learning, Axis Bank introduced a virtual banking assistant to help customers with contextual conversations, transactions and answering their banking related queries. With this Axis became successful in providing better and personal experience to its user base which of course led to increased brand trust.

Automated Ads

AI plays a major role when it comes to online ads. As we know, Google runs one of the largest online ad networks. Its automated bidding feature enables the marketers to tailor their ad bids on the basis of the probability that an individual impression will lead to a conversion. Machine learning capabilities used by Google prioritize brand and business agendas while automatically managing the amount spent from the allocated budget.

In a similar manner, Google has also helped small businesses through AI-driven campaigns which further led to an increase in store visits by targeting the right audience in the vicinity.

Online Searches

Online searching contents have also transformed over the years and definitely for the better. From small database product searches on e-commerce sites to search engines like Google, search algorithms have improved in every aspect.

Integrating AI into the searches facilitates smooth searching/browsing experience for the user by suggesting relevant alternatives in the form of ‘Did you mean’. Integrating AI into search enables the search engines to gain user information including their intent, location and requirements.

Furthermore, as the number of AI-powered devices and assistants continue to grow, voice search too is becoming a commonplace for the audience and how.AI interprets complex patterns and meanings in a speech-based search which without any doubts, amplifies the search experience.

The benefits of AI do not end there! Yes there is more to it. As we advance further in a voice-operated digital world, AI is also used by the marketers to optimize their content for voice search, helping to improve SEO and site traffic. Even more, AI is the driving force behind transforming the marketers from reactive to proactive planners. And the most interesting spin-off of AI is the predictive analytics; a process of using statistics, data mining, and modelling to make predictions about future outcomes.

With this long list of advantages, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that AI is indispensable to future digital products and the marketers must quickly become adept to the changing trends in the digital landscape. Because clearly if you are not using AI yet, you are already lagging behind from the competitorsin a world that’s increasingly relying on technology.